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How to Wear a Lower Back Brace the Right Way


If you've been dealing with chronic lower back pain, then finding an excellent lumbar support brace has crossed your mind. Suffering from lower back pain lowers your productivity, induces lethargy, and takes away the joy of daily living.

Numerous lumbar support braces are available on the market today. You may find yourself asking "which is the best lumbar support brace?", and because of that, serious consideration should be given to following:
  • Proper support – Choose a back brace that offers proper support and protection for your need. Discussing your activities and activity level, posture, body mechanics and dimensions will assist your brace provider in recommending the best brace. Not all braces will be effective in providing the support you require. Braces are highly specific and one must receive the type of back brace based on which part of your back requires support (lower, middle, or upper). In some cases, the entire spine requires support.
  • Correct measurements – Get a size that's right for you. There is no standard sizing between manufacturers, and manufacturers assign different areas of the body for critical measurements. For a proper fit, a trained brace provider will understand these manufacturer differences in sizing and procedures and will assist you in obtaining the proper measurements required by the brace manufacturer.
  • Correct fitting – When measuring for a brace, maintaining a neutral posture is paramount. Remaining relaxed ensures the proper posture parameters and the correct fit.
  • Height of the brace – Your provider will consider your need for a brace that covers your tailbone and lower back. A doctor or brace specialist will help you choose the perfect brace for proper fit and effective healing and spine alignment.

When fitting a prescription back brace, the doctor or brace specialist will provide instructions to put on, take off, care, and maintenance.

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Wearing A Brace The Right Way

So, how should you wear one? There are a few steps taken when wearing a brace the right way:

  • You should always wear your brace correctly. It should not be too loose or too snug; otherwise, it may not support your back as required.
  • Most braces come with compression straps that wrap around your back which allow you to make precise adjustments to the pressure of the brace for your comfort.

If it's too painful for you to don the back brace yourself, getting help from a friend or family member is advisable.

Finding and being fit for the correct lumbar support back brace depends on many factors. If you know what you're looking for and seek the expertise of professionals such as Elite Medical Supply, acquiring the correct brace is easy. Elite Medical Supply will ensure that you get professional fitters who will ensure your brace fits perfect.