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Use the Right Back Brace to Manage or Maintain a Herniated Disc


Does wearing a back brace relieve pain associated with a herniated disc? Yes. Studies show that wearing a back brace can  provide short-term relief from back pain. While a back brace won't cure your herniated disc or any other back problem, it can help to reduce pain and improve function. 

What is a Herniated Disc?

Discs in the spinal column are comprised of a tough outer shell, the annulus, which protects a gel-like fluid called the nucleus pulposus. Due to aging, wear and tear, or injury, the disc may crack, bulge, or tear, causing the fluid to leak or protrude. 

The protrusion from a herniated disc may push against a nerve root or cause inflammation in the region that irritates the nerve. Irritated nerves can cause shooting pains or numbness that radiate from the buttocks and down the legs. 

The pain level ranges from mild to severe and, in worst cases, crippling. The pain is so debilitating in extreme cases that small movements such as walking or coughing feels torturous. The pain can feel like you're repeatedly compressing an exposed nerve. 

Back Braces for Herniated Lumbar Disk

While a disc herniation is a widespread medical condition affecting millions of people, the symptoms vary. In some cases, the condition/symptoms resolve on its own within six weeks without medical intervention. Other cases can be chronic and lead to further spinal issues.

Wearing a lumbar support such as a back brace can help you manage the condition until the symptoms disappear. A back brace eases the pressure and load off your lower back to allow your body to heal. It also compresses the abdomen which increases intra-abdominal pressure that helps stabilize the lower back, spine, and back muscles.

Back braces are fitted around the waist and secured with a Velcro belt. They come with a plastic or steel plate designed to press against the lower back to provide support. Most of these braces are available over-the-counter, and you can buy them online without a prescription. 

It is advisable to consult a physician as soon as the symptoms of a herniated disc appear. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, the doctor will recommend a treatment plan that might include physical therapy, pain management, chiropractic, yoga, stretching, and more.  Your physician may also suggest buying a back brace.

Here are two top choices of back braces currently on the market:  

Elite Air Decompression LSO

Due to its dual panels and a lumbar decompression belt, the Elite Air Decompression LSO is an ideal choice for managing a disc herniation. The posterior panel covers your entire lower back – from the sacrococcygeal junction to the T-9 vertebra – for exceptional support and stability. 

The anterior panel provides the much-needed abdominal support. Combined, the panels protect your back by restricting harmful movement. 

The air decompression belt is ultra-thin, lightweight, and fits discreetly underneath clothing. The belt is 5.1 inches tall and inflates to 7.9 inches to cover your entire lower back. 

Inflating the belt around your back creates a decompressing effect between the discs. It expands the spaces between your discs to ease the pressure off the nerves. The decompression reduces muscle spasms and provides relief from pain. 

The Elite Air Decompression LSO comes in various sizes, ranging from small to 3X Large. Measuring your waist can help you get the back brace that fits snugly around your waist and supports your lower back.

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Venum Hybrid X LSO

The Venum Hybrid LSO provides all the benefits of a traditional brace without the bulk. This dynamic one-size brace uses a unique fitting mechanism to provide all the support and stabilization your back needs. 

It uses a dual drawstring pulley closure mechanism to deliver custom support and spine compression. The brace fits effortlessly on the lower back, covering everything from the T-9 vertebra to the sacrococcygeal junction.

The adjustable belt is made from ultra lightweight, breathable mesh for maximum comfort. The detachable polymer panels enable you to adjust the compression level and customize it to support your back needs. You can use this brace throughout your rehabilitation and speed up your recovery. 

The Venum Hybrid X LSO is available in various configurations to deliver just the right amount of support. For example, you can opt for dual support panels if you crave more support. 

The versatile belts on this one-size-fits-all brace accommodate almost all body sizes. As a result, anyone can wear this belt – from small to 5XL – without compromising comfort and support. Adjusting the size for a custom fit is a simple process that takes less than three minutes. 

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Get the right back brace for quick recovery from a herniated disk

Elite Medical Supply is a Medicare Competitive Bid contract supplier of back, knee, and extremity braces. 

Our staff will closely coordinate with your healthcare provider to provide you with the right brace or pain management solution. We'll even do all the paperwork for you. Feel free to contact us for more information.