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Product Highlight: DJO CMF SpinaLogic


Product highlights from Elite Medical Supply will provide educational information on the recommended usages for each product that we carry. Today on the blog, we are featuring the DJO CMF SpinaLogic.


The CMF SpinaLogic bone growth stimulator, manufactured by DJO, is indicated as an adjunct electrical treatment to primary lumbar spinal fusion surgery for one or two levels. Spinal fusion connects two or more bones in the spine to make it more stable, correct a problem or reduce pain.spinalogic (1)

What is the SpinaLogic bone growth stimulator?

The SpinaLogic non-invasive bone growth stimulator has been approved by the FDA  as an adjunct electrical treatment to primary lumbar spinal fusion surgery for one or two levels since 1999. For complete prescribing information, please refer to the Instruction Manual.

The SpinaLogic device is lightweight and battery operated making it portable for simplified use.

Key Features:

  • Portable, battery powered non-invasive bone growth stimulator
  • Adjunct to lumbar fusion surgery
  • Works with both anterior and posterior approaches
  • Improves fusion rate by 49%
  • Padded with contoured cushioning ensures patient comfort
  • Soft, breathable, medical grade fabrics

CTA v1 - DJO CMF Spinalogic

How does the SpinaLogic work? 

The SpinaLogic non-invasive bone growth stimulator produces very low energy combined static and dynamic magnetic fields on the order of the earth’s magnetic field. The device has a push-button that starts the treatment and audible tones to notify the patient that a treatment has started or has ended. A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is used to display the device status, e.g., treatment record, daily treatment time countdown.


There are three major components to the device: (A) An electronic control module (ECM), (B) a transducer coil. The ECM includes a signal generator that produces an electrical signal which is transmitted to the treatment transducer. The transducer coil converts the electrical signal into a magnetic field. The coil is placed facing the spine so that the magnetic field is directed at the fusion site. The waist belt is designed to
secure this coil relative to the patient’s fusion site during treatment.

SpinaLogic provides treatment by exposing the fusion site to a low energy magnetic field, which is undetectable during treatment. The patient will typically have no sensation related to the treatment.

You can learn more about bone growth stimulator therapy in this blog article.




Product videos for the DJO CMF SpinaLogic


Who can benefit from using SpinaLogic?

Let your doctor know about any health condition which could affect how your bones heal when consulting with your doctor about a spinal fusion surgery. There are pre-existing genetic conditions, as well as lifestyle choices, that can negatively impact how long your bones take to heal or the likelihood of successful new bone formation. 

The following medical conditions are generally considered to be medically necessary reasons for a bone growth stimulator prescription:

  • Previous non-union bone fracture
  • Failed fusion of a joint 
  • Congenital pseudarthrosis
  • Alcoholism, chemotherapy, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, renal disease, tobacco use, steroid use

This blog article includes information about failed spinal fusion syndrome which is useful for patients at risk of failed fusion.


Indications For Use

The ​​SpinaLogic device is indicated as an adjunct electromagnetic treatment to primary lumbar spinal fusion surgery for one or two levels.



Contraindications from the manufacturer:

  • Demand-type pacemaker and implantable cardiovertor defibrillator (ICD) operation may be adversely affected by exposure to combined static and dynamic magnetic fields. Physicians should not prescribe SpinaLogic®  for patients with such devices.
  • The safety and effectiveness of SpinaLogic in pregnant women have not been studied, and the effects of the device on the mother or the developing fetus are unknown, thus, this device should not be used in pregnant women. If a woman becomes pregnant during treatment with SpinaLogic, treatment should be discontinued immediately.

Additional patient warnings, precautions, and adverse events can be referenced in the instruction manual.


Treatment Frequency

Prescribed treatment time is typically 30 minutes per day. The ​​SpinaLogic device is designed to delivery daily treatments for up to 270 days. Your doctor will determine the appropriate therapy duration for your condition.


We're Here to Help

Elite Medical Supply proudly carries the SpinaLogic non-invasive bone growth stimulator to support your recovery. Contact us today so that we may help you fulfill your bone growth stimulator needs.