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Finding the Best Back Brace for Golf


Back pain is a common occurrence among golfers. There are preventive steps you can take to avoid back pain slowing you down on the course. A quality back brace will help relieve pressure on your spine which can prevent further back injuries. A back brace is essential in golf because the sport involves repetitively bending over and taking multiple swings.

Contrary to what most people think, back braces aren't exclusively for medical treatments. Every athlete that puts pressure on their spine needs a back brace to prevent or treat back pain. Back braces offer the necessary support to ensure your muscles experience less tension without decreasing performance.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive look at the best back braces for golf. Continue reading to ensure you extend your golfing career and stay healthy.

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What Causes Golfer Back Pain

Although there are many body parts prone to injury, only a handful of injuries can be deemed as worse than back pain. Whether it is nerve damage or a dislocated disc that is causing intense discomfort, avoiding treatment or failing to take preventative actions is never a good idea. We should familiarize ourselves with the common causes of golfer back pain before we look at using back braces to remedy the situation.

Limited Rotational Mobility

Common golf injuries occur due to stiff tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Golfers with stiff hip rotation risk putting immense pressure on their lower back during a swing. Stretching exercises to get loose before your golf round will help you avoid these types of common injuries.

Weak Core

Did you know that having a weak core will impact your golf swing posture? A weak core puts you at risk for injuries while struggling to maintain a good posture. You will also experience inconsistent shots and a loss of power with a weak core.

Weak Glutes

Your glutes take pressure off your vulnerable back muscles while golfing. Having weak glutes means that all the shock produced by a golf swing negatively effects your lower back with every swing. You may end up suffering from back pain because your glutes weren't stable enough to absorb the shock.


Will Insurance Cover a Back Brace for Golf?

While your insurance will not cover a back brace specifically for golf, you may still be eligible for a insurance covered back brace. For insurance to cover a back brace you need to have a pre-existing spinal condition and a prescription. You will also need to work with your healthcare provider to determine which type of back brace will help treat your condition before a prescription can be written.

Another option to acquire a quality back brace is self-pay. This option does not require a prescription and we can work with you to identify a back brace that will provide the necessary support.


How Can a Back Brace Help?

Back braces are used when healing injuries and as a preventative measure to avoid lower back injuries. A properly fitted back brace will support the back with proper alignment and restrict harmful movement. Your core will also be supported which can improve accuracy and power. These are all useful considerations if you have back pain or want extra support for your golf game.

The Elite Air Decompression LSO combines a decompression belt with rigid panels to support and relieve pain. The amount of decompression varies based on the level of support you require. The amount of decompression is easily changed to suit your preference and golf swing.

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There are different types of back braces, depending on your needs. It would help to browse through all back braces before making your pick. Doing this ensures you find something that best suits your situation.


What to Consider when Choosing the Best Back Braces for Golf

Due to the different types of back braces for golf that are available, it is important to know what to look for before making a purchase. Doing this ensures you end up with a product that best suits your individual needs. Below are three key considerations when choosing the best back braces for golf.


Back braces often use neoprene, polyester, or mesh fabric to offer comfort and flexibility to the users. These materials can equally be adjusted to fit your specific needs. It is important to consider the material when you plan on wearing your brace beneath your clothes.

A back brace made from breathable materials, such as mesh fabric, is an important consideration. We offer a mesh fabric option manufactured by Aspen Medical, the OTS™ Lumbar 642.

CTA v1 - Aspen OTS Lumbar 642

The mesh fabric will be cooler than a neoprene material which is meant to hold in your body’s heat. This can be beneficial during cold weather but if you are mainly on the course during fair weather a mesh fabric will be more comfortable. Another mesh fabric back brace we offer is the Nu-Form Universal Back Brace 627 from Ovation Medical.

CTA v1 - Ovation Nu-Form Universal Back Brace 627

Targeted Support

Although most back braces will offer all-around support, some can target specific areas. Ensure you consider the part of the spine that a back brace is targeting before buying any product. For example, focus on braces that provide targeted support for the lower spine when you only suffer from lower back pain.

Many golfers are stricken with sacroiliac joint (SI joint) pain. The movement made during a golf swing can aggravate SI joint pain. The SI joint is estimated to cause pain for 30% of golfers. A SI belt may be what you are looking for to reduce the SI joint pain experienced during golf.

Learn more about the Aspen Evergreen 621 SI Belt


Wearing your back brace against your skin will result in the buildup of dirt and sweat. Therefore, it will help to find a brace that is machine washable. Doing this will save you a lot of time and headache when it comes to maintenance.


Find Your Back Brace Today

Dealing with back pain can be a daunting task without the proper back brace. At Elite Medical Supply, we strive to ensure you feel comfortable on the course through our extensive line of back braces. Ensure you contact us today for the best back braces for golf.