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What To Expect From Your Back Brace Fitting


You and your healthcare team have found the best back brace for you! The next step is to take measurements so that the correct size of back brace can be ordered. Once the brace arrives, you will likely go to a fitting appointment. The purposes of the fitting appointment are to make sure the brace fits correctly and to teach you how to properly put it on. 

There may be a lot going on during the measurement and fitting appointments for your back brace, so we want to make sure you know what to expect. Elite Medical Supply is available to help answer any questions you may have about back brace fitting. 

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First, A Few Pointers on What Makes a Back Brace Fit Well

Before we get into what to expect at each of your appointments, let’s cover what makes a back brace fit well. 

  1. The back brace will be snug, but not too tight. If it is too tight, it can pinch and irritate your skin. 
  2. You should be able to breathe normally while wearing the back brace. While the brace may take some getting used to, it should not cause labored breathing. 
  3. The back brace should encourage better posture. You should not feel that it is forcing your spine into poor postural alignment.
  4. The back brace should allow you to continue to wear your normal attire. 


Back Brace Measurement Appointment 

To prescribe the best back brace, your orthopedic specialist or medical professional will take measurements of your body. They take measurements of you in a standing, comfortable position. You will want to stand upright with your back as straight as possible. You do not want to be too tense or too relaxed, as this could cause the brace to not fit properly. Since back braces usually go around your midsection, don’t “suck in” when being measured, as this may cause the brace to be too tight. 

Some back braces are one-size-fits-all, so the measurement appointment may not be a necessary step for everyone ordering a back brace.


Back Brace Fitting Appointment

Once the brace has arrived, you will meet with your healthcare provider or brace fitting expert to try on the brace. Wear your normal attire to this appointment, as the fitting expert will likely be putting the brace over your clothing. 

The healthcare provider or fitting expert will help you put on the brace. They will then make minor adjustments to the brace, if needed, to ensure that it is comfortable. They should also teach you how to put the brace on yourself. If you are not physically able to put the brace on yourself, bring a friend or family member to the appointment so they can learn how to assist you.

This is the time to let your fitting expert know if something doesn’t feel right. You do not want the brace to pinch or rub your skin. While the back brace will feel new and different, it should not be uncomfortable. 

Your healthcare provider will explain how often and for how long you should wear the back brace. You will also likely be working with a physical therapist. They will prescribe exercises and stretches that will supplement the use of your back brace.  


Elite Medical Supply has Expert Fitters!

If you require a professional back brace fitting in the greater Buffalo area, New York City, or the Long Island area, Elite Medical Supply can help! Contact us to find out if we have a representative in your area of New York that will come to you for a professional fitting.