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Product Highlight: Aspen Hinged Wrist Brace


Product highlights from Elite Medical Supply will provide educational information on the recommended usages for each product that we carry. Today on the blog, we are featuring the Aspen Hinged Wrist brace.

The Aspen Hinged Wrist brace is the ideal product for patients suffering from a wrist injury.

Aspen Hinged Wrist (1)Aspen Hinged Wrist Brace


Product Introduction

The Aspen Hinged Wrist brace universal design allows for either right or left wrist application and the easy closure system makes it easy to don and doff. The aluminum frame can be customized to the patient’s forearm, wrist and hand for a secure fit.

The Aspen Hinged Wrist brace can be applied in either flexion or extension control to appropriately treat multiple conditions.

Aspen Hinged Wrist (4)


The Aspen Hinged Wrist brace provides superior wrist support without compromising mobility. Many innovative features are incorporated into the design.

Additional information relating to wrist tendinitis can be found in our blog, Wrist Tendinitis.

Key Features

  • Universal Size
  • Fits left or right
  • Malleable Frame
  • Adjustable wrist hinge

Locking Strap

Support strap to limit lateral movement.

Easy Lacing System

This closure system allows for easy donning and doffing.

Hinge Adjustment

Range of motion hinge allows for ideal flexion or extension control.

Molded Pull Tabs

Universal version provides adjustability to fit most patients.

Care Instructions

Hand wash with mild detergent and air dry.


Intended Use

A wrist/hand orthosis for patients with wrist pain.


Indications For Use

  • Ulnar styloid fracture
  • Partial Rupture of Tendon in wrist/hand
  • Colles Fracture
  • Unspecified pain in wrist/hand
  • Radius fracture/extensor tendon rupture

CTA v1  - Aspen Hinged Wrist

Additional Product Info

Additional product information is available in the Aspen Hinged Wrist brace instruction manual which can be viewed by clicking here.


We're Here to Help

The team of experts at Elite Medical Supply are here to answer your questions about the proper use of wrist braces and the Aspen Hinged Wrist brace. We offer quality wrist braces and accessories so you can continue treating your condition. Our wrist brace products can be viewed by clicking here.

When you're ready to order an wrist brace or need assistance making a choice we're here to help. You can reach us at 866-712-0881, send us an email, or fill out a contact form.