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Product Highlight: DJO EXOS® FORM™ II 621


Product highlights from Elite Medical Supply will provide educational information on the recommended usages for each product that we carry. Today on the blog, we are featuring the DJO EXOS® FORM™ II 621.

The EXOS® FORM™ II 621 is designed to provide spinal support for sacroiliac pain. This is accomplished through superior stabilization of the sacroiliac (SI) joint through direct compression. Brace migration is minimized by the silicone grip strips.


Exos Form2 621 (1)

Designed with patented thermoformable VST-X™ material for true customization,  ComfortCORE foam that contours to the patient’s body, Diamond2 Grid construct for a more durable and longer-wearing brace, and BOA® Technology’s advanced closure system. The EXOS® FORM™ II 621 delivers superior support, a quick and easily customizable fit, and provides patient comfort and satisfaction by reshaping form, fit and function.



The following product features provide superior stabilization of the sacroiliac (SI) joint and provide relief from SI pain.

ComfortCORE Foam

Conforms to the unique contours of a patient's body, adjusts instantly to individual movements, and delivers improved patient comfort.

Adjustable Belt Wings

Modifiable belt accommodates varying patient body structures for optimal fit.

Diamond2 Grid

Uniquely designed construct, delivers patients a more durable, longer-wearing brace.


Indications For Use

The EXOS® FORM™ II 621 can be used to treat the following conditions.

Many of the conditions listed above have been discussed in blog articles on this site. Click on the links above in the indications for use list to read more about the condition.



Do not use the product if any of the following contraindications pertain to you.

  • Pulmonary, cardiovascular or skeletal conditions which have risk to be made worse as a result of compression and/or pressure
  • Unstable, displaced fractures.


Additional Product Info

The DJO product overview video shows users wearing the EXOS® FORM™ II 621 and offers other helpful information.


The EXOS® FORM™ II 621 instruction manual can be viewed by clicking here.


We're Here to Help

The team of experts at Elite Medical Supply are here to help identify the right brace for your sacroiliac (SI) joint condition. We offer a wide selection of braces to help alleviate and treat your painful condition. Our braces can be viewed by clicking here.

When you're ready to order a brace or need assistance making a choice we're here to help. You can reach us at 866-712-0881, send us an email, or fill out a contact form.