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Using a Back Brace for Work Related Back Pain


Work-related back pain can be the result of back injury, poor posture, or strenuous work conditions. Many individuals will experience back pain in their lives. When the pain starts to interfere with job requirements, it can become quite concerning.

If you are experiencing work-related back pain, your doctor may prescribe a back brace.

Back braces are medical equipment worn by individuals to prevent or reduce back pain. Back braces can help individuals return to work safely with less pain and discomfort.

Using a Back Brace for Work Related Back Pain

Types of Back Braces for Work-Related Back Pain

There are several different types of back braces. Most back braces for work-related pain can be classified into one of the following categories:

  • Braces for immobilization post-injury/surgery
  • Braces for posture correction
  • Braces to stabilize the back during work activities

We will discuss each category of back brace in more detail below.

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Back Braces for Immobilization

If you sustain an injury at work and/or require surgery, you may undergo a period of immobilization. This means you will have restricted motion to give the injured structures an opportunity to heal.

During this recovery period you may be prescribed a back brace. These braces often have rigid parts that physically prevent you from moving your back. They may also involve compression components to aid in the healing process and help relieve pain post-injury or surgery.

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Back Braces for Posture Correction

Maintaining good posture is important for all types of workers – anyone from desk workers to manual laborers.

Poor posture can arise from prolonged sitting, use of electronic devices, or repetitive actions. Think about sitting at a desk working on a computer everyday as part of your job. You start to hunch, and it gets worse and worse over time. The muscles of your chest become tight and overactive, while the muscles of your back become weak. This imbalance leads to malalignment of the spine, which ultimately leads to pain and muscular tension.

Back braces for posture can combat these issues by cuing the body to assume a more erect spinal position. They work to correct posture by stretching the areas of tightness (chest muscles) and promoting strengthening of the muscles that have become weak (back muscles).

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Back Braces To Stabilize the Back During Work Activities

If you are experiencing back pain and your job requires strenuous movement or lifting, you may benefit from a brace that stabilizes your back.

Stabilization back braces provide support by encouraging the back to maintain a more advantageous position during work-related activities. For example, a laborer in pain may wear a back stabilizer brace as a reminder to maintain a straight spine position when lifting heavy boxes as part of the job. This promotes better mechanics, ultimately decreasing pain and reducing risk of further injury.

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Your Back Brace Will Be Part of a Comprehensive Treatment Program

Back braces are a great addition to the treatment plan for work-related pain. Note that they should be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as physical therapy and at-home exercises aimed at relieving back pain.


Elite Medical Supply Has Back Braces for Work-Related Pain

Elite Medical Supply is here to help find the proper back brace for your work-related pain. Back braces are considered durable medical equipment (DME) and can be covered by insurance, including Medicare. Be sure to consult with your physician and obtain a prescription when searching for a back brace.

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